Intention 🐝

Son of Aquarius 33
2 min readMar 9, 2023


A thought is a powerful wand

A word is a mighty bond

To be aimed with conscious precision

To be spoken with crystal vision

Only lent to that which is wanted

Never carelessly thrown and leaving one haunted

As thought and word are one

Only then are true intentions done

The heavens need not send a sign

When words and thoughts and deeds align

As within so without as above so below

Each divine being can live in intentional flow

One cannot have and at the same time have not

Abundance is drawn to a clear and stable thought

Giving thanks for what is now within hand

Guides intention to the mark desired to land

No need to be read or analyzed

Focused intention brings dreams actualized

The mind is such a magnetic gravitation

Supporting every thought without hesitation

Never unanswered; it is always received

That which the mind choses to perceive

Unwanted gifts have no one to blame

But a thought’s direction and given name

The canvas of life is blank with potential

What is focused on most becomes residential

Paint on palette and brush in hand

Thoughts and words are the strokes that build new lands

Seeking what is desired in a place of want and lack

Ensures intentions go out; but never come back

Observing what is; and taking inventory of such

Is a guaranteed way to never have that much

Mind is matter and matter is mind

Attune to this truth; one can easily find

No stress nor strain no toil nor struggle

No mountains to climb nor balls to juggle

Clarity and grace bring ease and flow

Quite the mind to increase the know

Mind is so potent there’s no need to mention

That which is desired when setting an intention



Son of Aquarius 33

I love creating magical experiences out of everyday moments.