Lessons from nature

Son of Aquarius 33
2 min readMay 11, 2022

Nature has much to teach us about thriving in abundant community. In the absence of the fear, greed, worry, lack and strife; nature lives without want, lack or scarceness of resources. Nature is full of examples of intention, attraction, and sustainable community.

  • The spider builds a web and waits for it’s provision to come to it. It neither chases nor tries to convince its prey to stay; it trust in what it has built to sustain itself.
  • If a food source is out of season animals naturally migrate to another place; respecting the seasons of change; not being attached to what’s missing or not growing in that season.
  • Trees and other plant life find nutrients and water where it isn’t seen in plain view. They keep growing their roots deeper until they find what they need.
  • In nature, untainted by the fear, there is only abundance and possibility for growth.
  • In acceptance perceived challenges are easily adapted to and overcome.
  • In the absence of fear there is an abundance of solutions and opportunities.
  • In fear we are doomed to be a scared prey ever on the run and watching our backs
  • Use what you need now; there will be more when you want more. No need to hoard and stockpile provisions



Son of Aquarius 33

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