Waking up again

My name is Dennis and welcome to my blog. This blog is starting as an e-journal to help me catalogue events, discoveries, lessons learned etc… The past year with Covid has been nothing short of transformative for a lot of people. It will take conscious intention and openness to really unpack what just happened all around us in the last year. The last year for me wasn’t really about lock down, mask and social distancing; it was really an awakening and a fresh perspective on a life I no longer understood. I’ve gotten to let go of a lot of mental constructs that kept me operating at half capacity as well as see where I was bullshitting myself when I thought I was being open and honest with myself about some things I needed to work on. Anyway it’s gonna a long ride y’all. Get yourself some snacks and libations and settle in.



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Son of Aquarius 33

I love creating magical experiences out of everyday moments.